Jackie's Top 5 New Wave Sax Solos


Say hello to Rude Boy George saxophonist and singer Jackie! When she's not teaching young up and coming music students, this Berkley College of Music grad is a model (and she's looking good!). Check out the top 5 list of 80's new wave era songs with sax and horn lines that have influenced and inspired Jackie the most:

1. "Never Tear Us Apart" - INXS - Kirk Pengilly. So saxy.
2. "Close to Me" - The Cure - The horn section was called 'Rent Party. They're all great players and I love me an upbeat Cure tune.
3. "Rio" - Duran Duran - Andy Hamilton. I mostly just like sailboats.
4. Does "Young Americans" by David Bowie (Official) count? I mean, this is the best song ever written. David Sanborn (Official) on saxophone, no big deal. And let's get a little known backup singer named Luther Vandross. I know it probably predates new wave, but I'm putting it on here.
5. "Overkill" - Men Without Hats - Greg Ham. As far as new wave woodwind players are concerned, Ham is boss.

Jackie says, "I really want the Maneater solo by Chris Dechant from Hall & Oates on there. I know it's not new wave, but it kind of defines the sound. So much delay, so much reverb."

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