Jesse's Top 5 New Wave Guitarists

Say hello to Rude Boy George guitarist Jesse! He is the band's human jukebox and gear head! Jesse knows how to play any song we throw at him! Check out the top 5 list of 80's new wave era guitarists who have influenced and inspired him the most:

1. Andy Summers of The Police
2. James Honeyman-Scott of Pretenders
3. Peter Buck of R.E.M. (gotta support my fellow Rickenbacker die-hards!)
4. Johnny Marr of The Smiths
5. Chris Stein of Blondie

Jesse says, "There were so many great guitarists in that era, but they weren't necessarily in "New Wave" bands, such as Brian Setzer. He's of that era, but no one would call Stray Cats a "New Wave" band. I realize Chris Stein is more of a songwriter than an amazing guitar player, but his songs do have great guitar lines."

 — Jesse Gosselin.

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