Roger's Top 5 New Wave Singers


Say hello to Rude Boy George singer Roger! He's the band's frontman, fashion plate and vocal arranger. Thanks to years of piano lessons, Roger knows when anyone in the band is out of key! Check out the top 5 list of 80's new wave era vocalists who have influenced and inspired him the most:

1. Morrissey Official – The Smiths
2. Elizabeth Fraser – Cocteau Twins
3. Sting– The Police
4. Annie Lennox – Eurythmics
5. Adam Ant – Adam and the Ants

Roger says, "This was VERY difficult for me as singers like Elvis CostelloRobert SmithCyndi Lauper and Simon Le Bon didn’t make the cut! I felt that Adam Ant had to be in there as he brought a signature style that was never seen before (war paint, leather, rapping?!). Annie Lennox and Sting are absolutely timeless and chart staples. I feel they were the male and female anchors of 80’s New Wave. Elisabeth Fraser is the most underrated singer of all time! Her work with Cocteau Twins cannot be replicated by ANYONE. Beautiful voice and the most original vocal phrasing. And at the top: the King of Misery, Morrissey! Lyrically unmatched and sonically distinctive. He fronted arguably the best band from that era..."

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