Video from Fontana's in NYC!

Check out our version of Naked Eyes' "Always Something There To Remind Me" LIVE at Fontana's in NYC!

Megg's Top 5 New Wave Singers


Last, but certainly not least, say hello to Rude Boy George singer Megg! When she's not working on vocal harmonies with co-lead singer Roger, Megg is teaching herself to play piano. Check out the top 5 list of 80's new…

Dave's Top 5 New Wave Drummers

Say hello to brand new Rude Boy George drummer Dave! 

Dave has been playing drums since he was a wee tot, churning out toddler beats on pots and pans with wooden spoons. Cheap metal snares and oddball percussion are where…

Roger's Top 5 New Wave Singers


Say hello to Rude Boy George singer Roger! He's the band's frontman, fashion plate and vocal arranger. Thanks to years of piano lessons, Roger knows when anyone in the band is out of key! Check out the top 5 list…